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Do you have a collection of old stamps that you would like to sell? Whether you have been building your philatelic collection with care and dedication for years or have recently inherited a stamp album from a beloved family member or friend. Amsterdam Stamps is the right place to sell your collection. We sell stamps to collectors worldwide.

Two options

You have two different options.

You sell your collection to us. We give you a fair price for your collection. Through years of experience, we can determine the value of each collection and no collection/inheritance is too large for us.

Another possibility is if you are a collector to sell it through us. We sell worldwide through the eBay platform, where we have achieved the status of top seller. In total, our lots are looked at at least 20 to 25 thousand times every week. A lot will be sold to the highest bidder, and you will receive 65% of that.

Whatever option you choose, our appraiser will be happy to discuss this with you.

Two options

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Our method

In the Netherlands, we would be happy to visit you for a free valuation of your collection. For other countries, you can send us pictures and/or a clear description for an indication. If it is interesting for both parties, we would like to receive the collection and will also arrange the rest for you.

What we arrange for you

  • Good salable units. We almost always leave country or motif collections intact. However, incredibly special stamps are sometimes sold separately or in series.
  • Complete photography of the units. (lots)
  • Description of the units (lots)
  • Visible on eBay (top seller status, making us highly visible)
  • Arranging the direct debit
  • Packing and shipping the units to the buyer
  • Arranging customs formalities and insurance
  • Paying eBay and PayPal Fees

What we arrange for you



When you sell to us, you will receive the agreed amount immediately.

When you sell through us you will receive 65% of what the buyer pays for your collection. This is a lot higher than what you get at traditional auction houses. Your advantage lies in the (much) higher yield obtained from direct sales to other collectors worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collections that we want to sell must in principle look neat and have an expected yield of at least one hundred euros per lot.

You will receive a message before the lots are on eBay. You can then view the photos and description on eBay and see how it is being bid over the course of the week. The last minutes before the auction ends are especially exciting. With some lots, the price will go up many times over!

When you sell through us, you will receive the proceeds no later than five days after the lots have been sold. All our lots expire on Sunday afternoon, so you will receive your money no later than the Friday after, regardless of whether the customer has already paid us at that time! If the buyer ultimately does not pay us, the lot will be sold again. The amount paid out to you too much/too little will then be set off against the proceeds. Payment is made in Euros, based on the PayPal exchange rate on the day of payment.

For other questions or to sell your collection, please contact us.